Debit Card Fraud Protection

Debit Card Fraud Protection

Ever feel like you're being watched? Watched over is more like it. Pendleton Community Bank is "watching" your ATM and debit card transactions, day and night, with state-of-the-art intelligence technology and a team of skilled fraud experts.

In our continuing efforts to keep your accounts secure, we've improved our alert service for potential fraud. Here's how it works:

  • When potential fraud is detected, you receive a text or email. Within each are links to click to respond if the debit card activity is fraud or not fraud.
  • If there is no response received from the text or email alert or if the service is unable to send you a text or email alert, you then get an automatic phone call to confirm or deny fraud. This automatic call gives the option of speaking to a fraud analyst.
  • The fraud service may ask you to provide some information to help identify you as the cardholder by asking for the billing zip code associated with your debit card. You may also be asked to verify amounts and locations of recent debit/ATM card transactions.
  • Your card is immediately disabled if fraud is confirmed.

The fraud service will NEVER ask you for your complete debit card number, PIN number, full social security number or account numbers.

The phone number for our Fraud Center is 1-800-417-4592. Add 1-800-417-4592 and short code 32874 to cell phone contacts, label it Fraud Center to quickly identify when the Fraud Center is contacting you.

It's hard to put a price on peace-of-mind, but luckily you don't have to. This innovative service is absolutely free.

Getting Ready to go on Vacation or a Business Trip? Please visit your nearest financial center to verify your contact information prior to traveling out of town on business or vacation. This will help us protect your accounts from fraudulent activity and identity theft.