YourBank2Go Keeps Getting Better

Pendleton Community Bank is pleased to unveil NEW MOBILE BANKING FEATURES available in May! Watch for the updated mobile banking app and update it on your device to begin enjoying these improvements.

Check out all of the New Features on the Updated App & how easy it is to use them:

Modern Look/Feel

Enjoy an updated look and feel with improved navigation throughout the app. Swipe to navigate between screens and tap to reveal navigation options.

Improved Navigation

This app has improved navigation using new sub-menus and quick links.

  • Transfer From, Deposit To (remote check deposit) and Pay From links on the account listing page for quicker access to these features.
  • Three-dot menu on the right side of each account on the accounts listing page allows quick access to edit and delete.

Other Enhancements

  • Login page: now on one page, including the Locations link.
  • Favorites ability added to Payees: allows you to mark which payees you use the most.
  • Card Management: moves from main menu to Preferences menu.
  • Log out: moves from header to the flyout menu.
  • Deposits (yourcheck2go), Payments and Manage Cards: now gives user-friendly messages if the service is down/unavailable or if you do not have access to the feature. Simply contact your nearest Pendleton Community Bank financial center to request access.
  • Deposit (yourcheck2go) home menu display: is improved to show your most recent check deposits and allows quick access to deposit a check by tapping the + symbol at the bottom of the screen.
  • Fingerprint login/Touch ID: now available for both Android devices and Apple devices that support biometrics.
  • Locations: start with the Map View and the location selection process has been eliminated. Location detail contains quick access information and you can swipe to quickly navigate between list and map views.
  • Statements: support PDF to allow for improved sharing and export capability.
  • Tap individual transactions on the Accounts Listing screen to view further detail.

Mobile Banking Tips

  • Touch ID: select Preferences and enable Touch ID logon. Touch ID is not recommended if you share your device.
  • Remember Me: located on the logon page, Remember Me allows you to save your ID for quicker logon. All but the first three letters of your ID are masked. Once enabled, you only need to provide your password (if not using Touch ID).
  • Reorder Accounts: change the order of the accounts displayed on the accounts listing screen. Select and hold an account that you want to move. This activates the reorder function. Place your finger on the three gray bars on the right side of the account and drag the item up or down in the accounts list and release, then select Done at the top of the screen.
  • View Check Deposit Limit: select the symbol (circle around i ) on the deposit page to view your deposit limits.
  • Manage Debit Cards: use the Suspend feature to block your card from being used. Unsuspending the card allows you to again use the card. Use this feature if you want to search for your 'lost' card prior to permanently disabling the card, or if you don't frequently use your debit card, you may suspend the card from activity until you are ready to use it. This could prevent unauthorized use of the card. If your card has been stolen or is lost, tap 'Report Lost or Stolen' to immediately and permanently disable your debit card. You will need to call your nearest Pendleton Community Bank financial center during normal business hours to request a new debit card.

If you use mobile banking, but you are NOT banking with your Smartphone or other Mobile device yet . . .

Visit to see what mobile banking can do for you.

If you have questions, please contact your nearest Pendleton Community Bank financial center or call 304-358-2311.