Personal Savings

  • Kasasa Saver

    Kasasa Saver

    A free savings account that yields high interest rates. Paired with Kasasa Cash Back or Kasasa Cash rewards will automatically transfer over. It's a new way to bank.

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  • Community Savings

    Community Savings

    With a low minimum opening balance and competitive interest rates, Community Savings is a great fit for anyone looking to intelligently grow their savings.

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  • Student Savings

    Student Savings

    Student Savings is designed specifically for students (K-12) who are saving for their future.

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  • Super Savings

    Super Savings

    Make the absolute most of your savings, with Super Savings' tiered interest rates. You'll still enjoy flexible access along with a higher rate for a higher balance.

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  • Money Market Account

    Money Market Account

    Enjoy the benefits of savings with certain checkwriting* privileges

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  • Christmas Club

    Christmas Club

    A year-round savings program created for those with festive foresight. You decide how much to contribute to receive a payout just in time for the holidays.

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