Improved Fraud Alert System Begins June 8th

New Fraud Prevention Service

In light of the increased fraud cases throughout the country and in our continuing efforts to keep your accounts secure, we've improved the debit card alert system for potential fraud. It's hard to put a price on peace-of-mind, but luckily you don't have to. This innovative service is absolutely free!

Here's how it works:

  • When potential fraud is detected, you receive a text alert with the option to reply "fraud" or "no fraud."
  • If there is no response received from the text alert or if the service is unable to send you a text alert, you then get an automatic phone call to confirm or deny fraud. This automatic call gives the option of speaking to a fraud analyst.
  • The fraud service may ask you to provide some information to help identify you as the cardholder by asking for the billing zip code associated with your debit card. You may also be asked to verify amounts and locations of recent debit/ATM card transactions.
  • Your card is immediately disabled if fraud is confirmed.

The fraud service will NEVER ask you for your complete debit card number, PIN number, full social security number or account numbers.

The phone number for the Fraud Center has changed to 1-800-417-4592. If you add this number to your phone contacts and label it "Fraud Center," it will display on your phone whenever you get a call from this number.

This is a separate service from Guardian alerts. The Guardian alert service is NOT changing and if enrolled to receive Guardian alerts, you will continue to receive a text alert for EVERY debit card transaction. The Fraud Alert Service contacts you ONLY if a debit card transaction is suspected to be fraudulent.

We highly encourage all customers to enroll to receive Guardian alerts. Click here for more information on Guardian alerts.