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Mortgage Calculator
This is a calculator that tells you what your monthly payment will be for your mortgage.
Principal Loan Balance:
Annual Interest Rate: %
Amortization Length: years
Starting Month:
Starting Year:
Show Amortization Schedule:
Prepayment Method:
Prepayment Amount:
One-Time Prepayment After: month(s)

These results are approximate and are intended for your information only; they are not an endorsement or offering. The accuracy of the results is not guaranteed by this bank and is only meant to be an approximate guideline.


  • Principal Loan Balance – Amount you want to borrow, not including interest. Enter numbers with no commas (ex. $25,000.00 – key as 25000.00).
  • Annual Interest Rate – The loan interest rate of the mortgage.
  • Amortization Length – Total number of years for loan (ex. 20 years).
  • Starting Month – Month you will make your first payment (generally 30 days after the close of the loan).
  • Starting Year – Year you will start your first mortgage payment.
  • Show full table – Full table consists of breakdown of principal and interest you will pay each month for total years of loan.
  • PrePayment Method – if or when you will pay additional funds on the loan which is applied directly to loan principal either monthly, annually, bi-weekly or one-time.
  • Prepayment Amount – additional funds paid on loan that would apply directly to principal amount of loan – not to interest (either monthly, annually, bi-weekly, or one-time) depending on PrePayment Method selected.
  • One-time Prepayment After – enter when you will make a one-time additional payment on the loan that will go directly on the principal amount of the loan.